Italian Dolomite Alta Via 1

What are the Dolomite's and where are they?

 They are a region of mountains, mainly dolorite and Limestone rock, in the Trentino - Alto Adige, an autonomous region of North East Italy. They are bordered by Austria to the north. In fact, the old border of the Austro-Hungarian empire ran mid way through the Dolomites, until the area was annexed to Italy at the end of the First World War. When you visit, you will find that the local populous in the northern area, such as our start point, speak more austrian than Italian and that all the towns have an Austrian and Italian name (Villabassa is also called Neiderdorf)
What is the Alta Via 1?

Tha AV1 is one of two long distance trails that run from north to south through the Dolomite range. The AV1 official trail length is 150 kilometres. It offers stunning scenery throughout the trail length, as the region used to be a Coral Sea. The resulting wear on the Dolomite and Limestone rock is what defines the hugh towers throughout the region. In some areas it is still possible to find fossils. The AV1 has a similar distance to the TMB (Tour du Mont Blanc) but the daily height gain is less, making it a slightly easier option. 
Villabassa - This small italian village in the Val Pusteria, on the border with Austria, is the start of our 13 day journey along the 124 kilometre Alta Via 1

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